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This page is dedicated to a long-term project, begun in 2014, that includes recording and editing the piano music of the German-born Dutch composer Julius Röntgen (1855-1932). I am deeply thankful to Nimbus Records and Nimbus Music Publishing (UK) for their tremendous support and encouragement in making this project a reality.

In the studio discussing the music of Julius Röntgen

In the studio recording a work by Julius Röntgen  


June 2018 – I have just returned from two days of very gratifying work in the Nimbus Concert Hall recording the fourth CD of Julius Röntgen’s solo piano music. This disc includes an unpublished work – Sonata in C-sharp Minor (1928) – that will be made available in a new beautiful edition published by Nimbus Music Publishing. Links and more information will be made available when this project nears completion.

August 2017 – My third CD of Julius Röntgen’s solo piano has been released. I have authored the liner notes and of special interest is the inclusion of a work never before published until now. Visit Nimbus Music Publishing online to order the Sonata in A Minor (1898)

June 2016 – The second CD of Julius Röntgen’s piano music has been received with great enthusiasm by the critics, the Röntgen family and cherished musical colleagues. I am proud of the result and, as usual, the overall sound that Nimbus Records achieves in the recording process. Adrian Farmer is the best colleague and producer anyone artist could hope to work with and I am truly thankful to him and everyone at Nimbus.

December 2015  – My second CD of Röntgen’s piano music will be released in early 2016. I have just completed the CD liner notes and sent them off to Nimbus. Looking forward to the finished product!

February 2015 – My professional life with the solo piano music of Julius Röntgen has begun; the first CD was released this week on Nimbus Records ( This is a long-term project that includes learning, performing, recording, editing and discussing the Röntgen’s piano music. I am thankful to people at the University of British Columbia, the Röntgen Family and Adrian Farmer at Nimbus Records for being equally supportive of this project. I expect this to be a rewarding project on many levels and am enjoying getting to know Röntgen’s music immensely.

I will try to keep this site updated with my recording and performing activity of Röntgen’s music as it develops.

– MA