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Project Description

Julius Röntgen

Piano Music 4

Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) was both a composer and a gifted pianist who composed more than 600 compositions. Recent renewed interest in Röntgen has revealed many treasures still waiting to be awakened in the Röntgen Archives (Den Haag, Netherlands). Alongside a huge series of unknown string quartets, string trios, piano trios and symphonies there are some thirty piano sonatas and numerous other works for piano from 1922-1932 alone. Röntgen started and ended his creative life as a piano composer.

This is the fourth CD in the series that Mark Anderson began in 2014 with Nimbus Records. It will be released world-wide in March 2019.


(Pending March 2019 release)

  • Impromptu

  • Ballad No. 1 in D Minor Op.6

  • Ballad No.2 in G Minor Op.22

  • Ballad No.3 in E Minor

  • Sonata in C-sharp Minor (1928)

  • Sérénade mélancholique

  • Variations and Fugue on a theme of J.P.E. Hartmann Op.38

  • Released March 2019

  • Label: Nimbus Records

  • Artist: Mark Anderson

  • Genre: Classical

  • Catalogue No. NI5966


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