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Project Description

Julius Röntgen

Solo Piano Music 2

  • Phantasiestücken Op.5 (1871)

  • Neckens Polska Op.11 (1874)

  • Sonata No.2 Op.10 (1875)

  • Released on Nov. 2016

  • Label: Nimbus Records

  • Artist: Mark Anderson

  • Genre: Classical

  • Catalogue No. NI5937

Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) was both a composer and a gifted pianist who composed more than 600 compositions. Recent renewed interest in Röntgen has revealed many treasures still waiting to be awakened in the Röntgen Archives (Den Haag, Netherlands). Alongside a huge series of unknown string quartets, string trios, piano trios and symphonies there are some thirty piano sonatas and numerous other works for piano from 1922-1932 alone. Röntgen started and ended his creative life as a piano composer.

Röntgen vol. 2 Reviews

“Anderson plays beautifully, though—what tone, what technique, what a touch!”

 – American Record Guide

“American pianist Mark Anderson is a fine guide to these unknown compositions. He invests them with both seriousness of purpose and lightness of touch. He also wrote the notes for the CD booklet and these show how deeply he has entered Röntgen’s world. This is the second volume of a series”

 – Richard Kraus, musicweb-international.com